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Renew Membership

Welcome back to Aiming High! If you were a member of Aiming High last year and need to renew your membership for the 2023-2024 year, please follow the steps below:

-Log into your account on the website. You will have the same user name and password as last year. (Email us if you need your password reset: [email protected])

-Scroll down and and fill in any information that is blank. Change any info that might have changed from last year. DOUBLE CHECK YOUR CHILD'S GRADE LEVEL for 2023-2024. If your child's grade level is not listed correctly, then your child will be slotted into the wrong class.

-Pay any balances leftover from the 2023-2024 school-year.

-Agree to the Background Check (located on the registration page)

-Sign the snack rotation, found under the Registration tab on the Left Menu (please write in one date per semester)

-Agree to the Handbook and Statement of Faith (located on the registration page)

-Pay the $150 Annual Registration amount  (located on the registration page). **Do not complete this step if you are seeking Tuition Assistance!**

Once all the above are fulfilled, your membership will be "uparked" and you will be able to sign up for Class Registation when Registration opens.